Travel Apps with Savvy Hacks

DISCLAIMER: As an iPhone user myself, the apps listed in this post are primarily for those with iPhones, however, I have managed to include a few that are available for Androids. 

With the holidays quickly approaching, who doesn’t want to find the best flight deals? While most people focus on the best day and time to purchase a flight, why not cut to the chase and be led to it. We are living in a generation driven by technology. As a result, we have access to multiple apps that if used correctly, will have us working smarter and not harder to finding the deals of our dreams.

In general, the key to finding the perfect app that will cater to your particular need is by reading the “reviews” and checking out the suggested “related” apps. Both features are offered before downloading an app, but are often overlooked. As a result, you end up downloading an app, signing up, and then deleting it because it was not what you were looking for. Save yourself the time, disappointment, and space on your phone and actually use those features to our advantage.

Reviews Section

Reviews are just what they are, reviews. And who better to get suggestions and feedback from than the people who are actually using them. We all can agree that when we truly love something, we want to spread the word and let others know about it. We also know that when we are not satisfied, we are even more eager to save someone from wasting their time, sometimes money, and that feeling of disappointment you felt.

Related Section

The “Related” section, simply lists apps that are similar to the services it provides. This is great for getting straight to the point of what you may be looking for, before even downloading an app you thought you were interested in.


Listed below are a few FREE apps that are geared toward traveling and are useful when booking and even planning your itinerary for a trip. I cannot say which app will list the cheapest flights; not only because everyone has different travel destinations, but your coins may be different from the next person’s coins!

However, each app has something special about it depending on your needs when searching for “your perfect flight deal.”

SkipLagged (Apple)

-This app is similar to the concept of cheat codes used in a video game and was actually sued by an airline because of it. This app not only finds tickets for your final destination, but other tickets where your destination is a stop leading to another destination, which often ends up being cheaper. For example, if your final destination is Atlanta, the app will show you the price of a direct flight to Atlanta, as well as the price of a flight going to let’s say, Miami with a stop in Atlanta. The trick is, if the flight is cheaper to another location, you just don’t take the second leg of that flight. Clever HUH!

AirfareWatchDog (Apple)

-This app lists fares from “all airlines.” You can save your home city in the app and get deal alerts to different locations.

Fareness (Apple)

-This is the perfect app for free spirits like myself who have the flexibility and the desire to travel whenever they want. Fareness caters to individuals who wake up and want to travel to a waterfall or have a bucket list of destinations for the year. It doesn’t matter where that waterfall is and you do not have any time restraints or deadlines for crossing off the destinations on your list. This app lists the lowest priced date with little-to-no regard to the actual destination unless you actually request it.

HitList (Apple) 

-This app is like your own personal travel agent. Just list the details describing your dream vacation spot and it will tell you when and where to go. It also provides pictures submitted by other travelers, which allows you to see authentic pictures and ultimately broadening your horizons to places you may have never heard of or imagined traveling to.  

SkyScanner (Apple & Android)

-This app is praised for its easy functionality and summarizes the search from multiple booking engines, travel agencies, and airline websites by presenting them all on one page.

Hipmonk (Apple & Android)

-This app offers flight deals as well as hotel and car deals. However, what makes this app really unique is its ability to search for your specific desires such as short flight duration, shortest layovers, and flights with wifi.

Hopper (Apple & Android)

-While this app like many others search for the lowest flight deals, it goes a step further to notify you if prices are expected to increase or decrease or if it is expected to stay within that price range.

Kayak (Apple & Android)

-This app allows you to “build-a-trip” incorporating details such as stops, airlines, departure times, etc… It is also praised for its “mobile-only rates” and private deals.


-You know your financial situation best and this app allows you to name your price and notify you when flights are in that price range.

SO WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?! Start downloading and get to finding the deal of your dreams!!

Airlines Currently Hiring

So you didn’t get hired by Delta Air Lines? The bad news is you will now have to seek opportunities with the underdogs. The good news is you still have a chance to get your foot in the door of this career. So dry your eyes because there are still airlines that are looking to hire you, who may end up being a better fit and you not even know it. And if you have not applied yet, head over to right now before it is to late!

As of September 14, 2017, here are a list of airlines that are currently hiring for the position of flight attendant as well as other positions.

Air Canada
Air Canada Rouge
Air Wisconsin
British Airways
Cathay Pacific
Republic/Shuttle America
Compass Air
Delta Air Lines
Gulf Air
Omni Air
Qatar Airways
Qantas UK
United Airlines
Virgin Atlantic
Virgin America
West Jet

Sign up with and make a profile in order to receive detailed information on Airlines who are looking to hire for flight attendant and other positions in the future.


Are you looking for a career change?

For all of you who have inquired about being a Flight Attendant…. and to those who want to switch over to a more prestigious airline (yes, that was a little shade), DELTA AIR LINES IS HIRING NOW!! Plus Im ready for my seniority to move up! ✈️✈️✈️

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Some simple pointers when doing the video interview are:

  1. SMILE, even if you mess up!! Just regroup and continue.
  2. Use the STAR Method to answer every question.
  3. Have about 6-7 scenarios already committed to memory to choose from when answering the questions.
  4. Remember to dress in a full business suit although it is just a video interview.
  5. Be sure that you are in a quiet setting where no one can come in and interrupt.
  6. Apply light makeup, preferably pull your hair back, and no flashy jewelry.

Feel free to message me with any questions!